Monday, June 8, 2009


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The world is evolving – people now recognize tea in "coffee" shops, yoga as part of a balanced fitness program and kids as young as 3 years old can sign up to do triathlons! Sounds strange – maybe yes…but my six year old daughter is officially registered in her first TriKids triathlon in July and is just brimming with excitement about the challenge that lies ahead.

So, it got me thinking that I’d been procrastinating about living out one of my own goals – completing a “Try-a-Tri” Triathlon. I had arbitrarily decided that it was a must do before I turned 40…and with my 37th birthday coming up this year and my daughter’s willingness to try something new, I thought “Why not now?” So, I summoned up the courage, ignored the nagging thoughts (you know…Will I make an *** out of myself? Lose my bathing suit somewhere in the lake? Be the only person on a mountain bike amidst road bikes? Trip over my own feet during the run?) and registered. I’ve got a little over three months to train and an official reason to say NO to Skor Bar Blizzards with extra Skor (my unofficial DQ franchise quality control days are over!). Even though the hours of training will far outweigh my time on the course, I can already feel the adrenaline and excitement that you get from challenging yourself, feeling like you’re in unknown territory and pushing through anyways – because I can! And, more precisely…I WILL!

On September 6th my daughter and I will toast each other over lemonade (and maybe even a DQ Blizzard!) for an accomplishment well earned.

Ask yourself…

What health and wellness goals have you been putting off? Why not now? It’s as easy as making a decision that you can and you will!