Friday, May 14, 2010

The JOY Project

I'm really excited about formally launching The JOY Project.
What is it? It's all about sharing joy with other women to brighten their day or inspire them to be their best.
How does it work? I am giving away Thought Packs and Big Thoughts to spark some sharing and moments of joy. There are two ways this is happening: 1) Every time someone orders Thought Spots, I will give them 3 free Big Thoughts. Their job is to share them with other women who could use a kind or motivating thought to bring joy to their day. 2) I will seek out community groups and organizations who would benefit from a JOY Project donation and make sure they get to the right people - kids and women alike.
When did it start? I launched The JOY Project at the Children's Trunk Show on May 12, 2010 and gave away over 70 Big Thoughts that will be shared! So cool! And, even though this was the formal launch of the The JOY Project, there was already some sharing going on last year when I gave Halton Women's Place over 100 Thought Packs to share with the women at the shelter who could really use an inspiring thought and a new perspective.
Why The JOY Project? Because the world can always use a little more joy! And, truth is, like a lot of women, I love to give. It's a bit selfish I admit, because giving and feeling like I can help inspire or motivate someone gives me - in return - a rush of excitement and joy! So, The JOY Project ends up being a win-win: joy to the recipients and joy to me!
How can you get involved? Tell me about a group of women or kids who could really benefit from a JOY Project donation by emailing me at . Join me at other community events where I'll be handing out FREE Big Thoughts to share. Order Thought Spots on-line and participate in the sharing. Or simply, write a note to a woman you know and share some joy!

It's all about paying it forward. Never underestimate the power of sharing a thought with someone!