Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Power of Sharing a Thought!

I received this e-mail from a woman recently and thought is was pretty cool. Never, ever underestimate the power of sharing some inspiration or a new perspective with someone!

Dear Lynn,
I wanted to share my experience with you. In January of 2009 I was in a Women's Addiction Treatment Center. Every morning before everyone else got up I would put a Thought Spot on the bathroom mirror...words of encouragement.

It was amazing the impact it had on the women in the center! It got to the point that other women from the other floors would come up to see what was on the mirror. Everyone actually look forward to seeing them and we always ended up talking about them at breakfast. It was extremely therapeutic and reminded us all about the choices we can make each and every day.

I continue to have them on my mirror at home and I also do vision boards which I have used them on also. What an amazing idea, I love my Thought Spots!!


A.R. inspired other women with messages from the Motivation! Thought Pack and Inspiration Thought Pack.
A.R. - Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring women who needed it! Here what I have to say to that...

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